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Pros of White Roofs vs. Black Roofs

Pros of White Roofs vs. Black Roofs

Why Choose a White Roof over Black?

The debate between white roofs versus black roofs has raged on for years, however recent science has shown the reflectivity of white roofs has given them the edge. By reflecting up to 88% of the sun’s energy, Duro-Last’s white membranes can greatly reduce energy consumption and costs – making it an ideal energy efficient cool roofing solution. With a total solar emittance of up to 95%, the ENERGY STAR® qualified Duro-Last membrane also releases energy and heat efficiently.

This reflectivity of white roofs compared with black roofs is particularly helpful for reducing peak energy demand, or the sharp peak in electrical demand can be observed in almost every building during the busiest hours of the day. An analysis suggests that the peak demand and net energy savings offered by cool, white roofs are available for both new and existing conditioned buildings in all climates within North America.

The Power of PVC

All of Duro-Last’s membranes are made from PVC, an extremely serviceable and durable product. Duro-Last’s proprietary formula for PVC roofing membranes makes them flame resistant, highly flexible, recyclable and resistant to bacterial growth.

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