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Duro-Last® Custom-Fabricated Roofing Accessories

Duro-Last® Custom-Fabricated Roofing Accessories

Accessories Overview

Custom-fabrication is what sets Duro-Last apart from the rest of the roofing industry because it provides Time off the Roof™ solutions. Custom-fabrication dramatically reduces rooftop labor — when workers are on the rooftop where the environment is harsh and unpredictable. Duro-Last's custom-fabricated flashings and accessories address the critical transition areas of a roof. All of this leads to a long-term, low-maintenance solution.

Accessories are custom-fabricated from 40 or 50 mil membrane and are available in a variety of colors.

Benefits of Custom-Fabrication

  • Welding is completed in our factory-controlled environment, providing a better-looking finished product and watertight integrity.
  • Rooftop labor is greatly reduced, getting roofing crews off the roof faster and on to the next job.

Duro-Last offers a variety of accessories including:

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The Duro-Last Difference

Custom-Fabrication Benefits for Any Duro-Last Roofing System: Fewer Seams = Fewer Leaks.

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The Duro-Last Custom-Fabrication Advantage

Duro-Last's most unique offering is that it can custom-fabricate the entire roof, including accessories and details.

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Labor Savings

Custom-fabricated stacks and curb flashings eliminate rooftop labor on the most critical roof areas — penetrations and transitions, creating Time off the Roof™ Solutions.