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Duro-Last® National Accounts

Duro-Last® National Accounts

Excellence is in our DNA

It’s no coincidence you can shorten Duro-Last National Accounts to “DNA.” Service is a key component — a building block — of our company. You could say it’s in our DNA.

A commitment to customer service and support is the core of who we are at Duro-Last. Excellent service is the basis of the National Accounts Program, but that’s just the beginning.

How will Duro-Last National Accounts make your life easier?

One Key Point of Contact
You can have one point of contact within the National Accounts team. This person specializes in providing solutions and being a knowledgeable resource for all of your roofing needs. If you have a question, it’s easy to know who to call.

If your project requires a challenging configuration, additional fastening strength or a special wind, fire or hail assembly, Duro-Last’s experienced team can help. For CAD drawings, specifications for a unique project and answers to technical questions, our in-house team can provide the resources you need to get the job done.

Bid Coordination
Duro-Last can mobilize the required number of qualified contractors anywhere in the continental United States to bid on projects. The specifications and scope of work can be prepared by Duro-Last Engineering Services. This team, along with sales personnel, can organize and deliver the final bids, removing this legwork from your list of responsibilities.

How will Duro-Last National Accounts give you and your company peace of mind?

Nationwide Network
As part of the Duro-Last National Accounts Program, you have access to a large team of professionals. This includes an expansive network of authorized, independent Duro-Last contractors for installations and more than 75 full-time Duro-Last Quality Assurance Technical Representatives to provide timely and consistent service and expertise.

Detailed Inspections
When we say we deliver quality from start to finish, we mean it. Once installation of a Duro-Last Roofing System is complete, one of our Quality Assurance Technical Representatives conducts an inspection of every field seam on the commercial roof.

Continuous Support
With Duro-Last, the support doesn’t end when the job is complete. We want to ensure the work continues to meet our standards and exceed your expectations. As part of the Duro-Last National Accounts Program, our network of roofing contractors and field technicians can provide service for the warrantied life of your roofing system. This ensures you have one point of contact for all of your roofing needs, eliminating the guesswork of who to call when you have a leak, issue or question.

Comprehensive Warranties
We are proud to offer a wide variety of industry-leading warranties to meet your specific roofing needs, including premium coverage options whichare fully transferable or have no exclusions for ponding water.

How will Duro-Last National Accounts save your company money?

Planning and Prioritizing
To help with your budget planning and prioritization, we can assess and evaluate the roofs in your portfolio of properties. Don’t be blindsided by unexpected or overlooked expenses. We can help you proactively and effectively plan your roofing budget and avoid the surprise of emergency costs.

National Account Contacts

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Terri Karr, National Accounts Coordinator
Phone: 888.301.7712 ext. 6343

Austin Russell, Key Accounts Holder
Phone: 989.525.9935

Austin Phillips, National Account Representative
Phone: 980.980.7431

Mark Suman, National Account Representative
Phone: 708.635.9928

Ryan Baldwin, National Account Representative
Phone: 469.346.0039

Strategic Accounts
Christy Shorkey, National Account Coordinator
Phone: 800.248.0280 ext. 1095

Jason Dark, Vice President of Sales
Phone: 989.397.7481

Troy Jenison, Director of Sales — Western Division and National Accounts
Phone: 360.941.1997

Molly Gehrls, Director of National Accounts
Phone: 989.392.0504

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