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Custom-Fabricated Roof Curb

Roof Curb Flashings

The Duro-Last® custom-fabricated roof curb is designed for rectangular penetrations. These flashings are easily welded to the installed membrane and the combination of reinforced membrane and custom-fabrication ensures a long-lasting, watertight flashing.

  • Made from Duro-Last® 40 or 50 mil membrane for use with Duro-Last, Duro-Tuff®, Duro-Fleece®, Duro-Fleece Plus® Roofing Systems or Duro-Last® EV 50 mil membrane for use with Duro-Last EV Roofing Systems.
  • Roof curbs are available both open and closed. Open roof curbs can accommodate large roof penetrations such as HVAC units and exhaust fans.
  • Custom sizes are available.

Instructional Video: Curb Flashing

Instructional Video: Curb Flashing with Skylight

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