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Non-Penetrating Anchors

Non-Penetrating Anchors

Non-Penetrating Anchors and
Systems by Anchor ProductsTM

Every commercial roof is likely to have more than one accessory, mechanical equipment, barricades, conduit and piping, lightning protection system, safety system, piping supports and many other fixtures. As a full roof systems provider of Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-SkyTM solutions, Duro-Last® offers roof anchors and systems made by Anchor Products. U-AnchorsTM keep items positively attached to the structure while maintaining the waterproofing integrity of the roof. Ultimately, U-Anchor systems make the roof a safer place to be.

  • U-Anchors are non-penetrating plates made of multi-stamped galanized steel with stainless steel bolts which are surface welded so as not to penetrate the plate.
  • Plates are covered with a Duro-Last membrane and heat welded in the field to create a completely compatible bolt with no path for water intrusion.

We carry non-penetrating anchors and the single-source, curated systems for the following (and more):

  • Architectural Screens
  • Camera, Satellite, Lightning and Weather Station Mounts
  • Guy Wire Kits
  • HVAC Tie-Downs
  • Lightning Protection
  • Safety Tie-Offs
  • Snow Fence System
  • Solar Rack Mounts

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