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See Why Ohio Chooses Duro-Last® Commercial Roofing Systems

See Why Ohio Chooses Duro-Last® Commercial Roofing Systems

You Can Rely on Duro-Last

Building owners across North America trust Duro-Last Roofing Systems to protect their businesses. We have experienced roofing professionals in the field ready to assist Ohio building owners and facility managers with any challenging roof project.

Duro-Last offers a large team of knowledgeable professionals, whether you need CAD drawings for a meeting, specifications for a unique project, or an answer to a technical question, we can provide the resources you need to get the job done. Duro-Last also has the ability to provide and coordinate many different services to generate a report of your roof''s current conditions, including:

  • Wind calculations through our Engineering Services Department
  • Pull tests
  • Moisture scans

Once these tests are complete, we will work with you to find a roofing solution for your unique roofing problems. Duro-Last has roofing systems designed for a variety of wind, weather and installation requirements.

We''re Here to Help

Duro-Last has knowledgeable roofing professionals right in your back yard. Contact us today!

  • Ohio Duro-Last Representative – Engineered Systems: Columbus, Ohio
    Mike Gottron at (614) 402-2255 or [email protected]
  • Ohio Duro-Last Representative – Engineered Systems: Dayton, Ohio
    Bryan Gottron at (937) 604-0377 or [email protected]
  • Engineered Systems Powell, Ohio Office
    Abby Brown at (800) 836-7663.
  • Ohio Regional Sales Manager
    Jim Schriber at (989) 737-5172 or [email protected]
  • Ohio Regional Sales Development Coordinator
    Becky Krager at (989) 233-7891 or [email protected]

The Duro-Last Difference

The unique formulation of Duro-Last Roofing Systems delivers long-term value and peace of mind. Two differentiators Duro-Last offers are a high-quality reinforcement scrim and thickness above scrim.

  • Knitted in-house, our anti-wicking polyester weft-insertion scrim has a 14 x 18 or 14 x 9 threads-per-inch density – among the highest in the industry. Duro-Last''s scrim uses a third tie yarn to prevent runs and doesn''t allow tears to spread. The scrim is the backbone of all Duro-Last’s membranes, giving them their strength and puncture resistance.
  • Duro-Last''s thickness over scrim – also known as the “performance layer” – is thick, making our membranes extra durable. This means that Duro-Last Roofing Systems provide protection where your building needs it most: the exposed surface of the membrane.

Installed with No Disruptions

Duro-Last Roofing Systems are installed by authorized Duro-Last contractors with no loud machinery, hazardous materials, noxious fumes, hot tar or mess. That means no downtime for your business!

Industry-Leading Warranties

Duro-Last warranties provide unparalleled protection for commercial roofing applications. We were the first manufacturer to offer a warranty that expressly covers consequential damages.

The Prefabrication Advantage

Through our custom prefabricated roofing systems – which can include both membrane and accessories – up to 85% of the seams are completed in a factory-controlled environment. This eliminates most of the on-site fabrication that can lead to roof leaks and the results are a long-lasting, reliable roof.

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