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Specialty Membrane Project Award

Duro-Last® 2022
Specialty Membrane Project Award

Contractor: Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation Systems, Inc.

Project: Treetops Resort

Location: Gaylord, Michigan

Square Feet:  34,503

Products: Duro-Guard® EPS Flute Fill, 1½” Duro-Guard Poly ISO, Duro-Last® Snow Diverter, Duro-Tuff® green 50 mil membrane, stacks and curbs; EXCEPTIONAL® Metals’ MX-6 24-gauge gutters, downspouts, EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ T-Edge 8” Classic Green; U-Anchor® accessory kit.


Nestled among the rolling hills of northern Michigan, Treetops Resort is known as a golfing mecca in the summer and for its powdery downhill skiing slopes in the winter. These natural surroundings on a resort with 207 hotel rooms and a Convention Center with 25,000 sq. ft. of meeting space make it an attractive destination. However, keeping guests comfortable in the Convention Center was almost ... impossible.

Poor insulation in the Convention Center meant excessive heat loss even as HVAC units worked overtime to keep the thermostats cozy when the temperatures dropped outside. In 2019, leaks started in the metal roof and Doug Hoeh, director of maintenance at Treetops, reached out to Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation for an estimate to fix the roof.

At the same time, Hoeh knew something larger was being planned. Treetops General Manager Barry Owens had a vision to make improvements the guests would see and feel while reducing the resort’s carbon footprint. The Convention Center roof and insulation were part of a property-wide comprehensive energy efficiency upgrade that utilized $2.9 million in Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) financing. Otsego County, where Treetops is located, created a countywide PACE district in 2017, allowing property owners to receive 100% up-front financing for energy-saving projects that are repaid by a property tax special assessment.   

“Part of the PACT requirements is increased R-value,” said Kevin Kenney, owner of Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation. Initially, he sent an insulation specialist to inspect the project. The inspection showed the problem was two-fold: the building was insulated with fiberglass insulation wrapped in plastic, leaving no options to insulate from the inside; the other problem was the layer of plastic on the attic floor and scattered buckets collecting water from leaks. “We were able to solve their roofing and insulation problem at the same time.”

In late 2019, Kenney presented Treetops with a proposal for a Duro-Last metal retrofit system using all Duro-Last® products from Edge-to-Edge and Deck-to-Sky™: Duro-Guard EPS 1 ½” Flute Fill, two layers of 1 ½” Duro-Guard Poly ISO, Duro-Tuff green 50 mil membrane, stacks, curbs, EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ gutters, downspouts, T-Edge, snow diverter and Anchor Products. 

“The green fit with their scheme here at Treetops, so they loved that approach,” Kenney said. “But then, they said they wanted something to make it ‘pop.’ We said, ‘Well, Duro-Last offers rooftop logos.’”

The contract was awarded to Great Lakes in 2019. Between COVID-19 hitting in 2020 and frost on decks many mornings in September and October, the roof was eventually installed in 2021, and the logo was completed in the spring of 2022.

This was Kenney’s crew’s first logo install, and his pride shows.

 “We were able to spread it out, tape it down, and basically weld it down,” he said. “My guys scratched their heads because it was a lot of welding. As you can see, it’s a pretty intricate logo.”

Not only does the new roof look amazing, Hoeh said the HVAC systems and energy usage has decreased 25%.

Back to Owen’s vision.

“Barry said to me the other day that when he leaves this property, that’ll be [the Convention Center] what he will be remembered by the most,” Kenney said. “No more leaks. And even more important than no more leaks, which is very important in and of itself, is there is no more heat loss.”

Sometimes visions can be a little wild and crazy, but with the support of Great Lakes Roofing, Owen was able to realize his vision … a roof that pops and reduces the resort’s carbon footprint.