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Metal Project Award

Duro-Last® 2022 Metal Award

Contractor: PMR Roofing

Project: Val Verde County Courthouse

Location: Del Rio, Texas

Square Feet:  6,500

Products: Duro-Fleece® 60 mil membrane, Duro-Grip® CR 20 HFO Adhesive, EXCEPTIONAL® Metals’ EM BattenLok® HS 24-gauge standing seam roof panels, EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ EM CraftsmanTM Series roof panels, AllTerm® 6” 2-piece compression metal cleat and cover.


The Texas Historical Commission historical marker outside Val Verde County Courthouse represents its construction in 1887 and redesign in 1915. So, when the roof was damaged in March 2020 by the second-largest hail storm to hit Del Rio, not just any material could replace the octagonal dome. 

4T Partnership, a consulting firm specializing in assisting government entities with building projects, tapped PMR Roofing from Dallas for the emergency response to stop leaks and begin restoration on behalf of the Texas Municipal League (TML), and its insurer, the Texas Association of Counties (TAC).

PMR, a vetted contractor for TML and TAC, knew they had to find the perfect balance of preserving the historical aesthetics of the courthouse while protecting the roof from damage if similar storms hit the area again. PMR also had experience working on historic courthouses and was prepared when the Texas Historical Commission reviewed the scope, plans and specs before work could start.

 “We had to find a color that matched as closely possible,” said Quentan Tobolka, PMR Roofing president. “The metal that had been on the courthouse had been there for over 50 years. It was zinc, all welded together. We had to find a solution that would offer a 20-year weathertight warranty while still maintaining the standards of the Texas Historical Commission and meeting local regulations.”

The match was the EM Craftsman Series silver metallic from EXCEPTIONAL Metals. It met the approval of the Texas Historical Committee. And the 20-year warranty from Duro-Last covers the entire roofing assembly while also falling under the guidelines from TML and TAC.

One of the biggest challenges of this job is that Del Rio is a small city on the banks of the Rio Grande, which serves as the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The project required a portable roll-forming machine on-site to create the radius, tapered and curved panels on the octagonal dome.

“Getting the equipment there to bend these panels and get the radius just right on all of the batten strips and on our trim metal was quite challenging,” Tobolka said. “You have to go through a border checkpoint; you’re right on the border when you’re working in Del Rio. You’re not in a booming metropolis with everything immediately available to you.”

PMR tore off the previous roof and installed a Factory Mutual severe hail assembly that will protect the building for decades to come. They covered the deck with Duro-Fleece 60 mil membrane adhered using Duro-Grip CR 20 HFO Adhesive. The artistry of bending the EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ Craftsman Series panels for the dome took several weeks. The metal roof drains onto a low slope roof with 24-gauge EM BattenLok HS standing seam roof panels and parapet walls with internal drains and scuppers. The roof was finished with AllTerm® 6” 2-piece compression metal cleats, covers and corners.

“If you’re looking at that roof from the air and looking at all the angles, that’s a work of art,” Tobolka said. “This project was not many square feet, but it took us several weeks to get it done perfectly, to have the battens bent perfectly so that everything just seamed perfectly together. It was a lot of attention to detail and true craftsmanship to get it done right.”