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Edge to Edge Deck to Sky Project Award

Duro-Last® 2022
Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-SkyTM
Project Award

Contractor: Old South Construction Company

Project: Riverton Intermediate School

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Square Feet:  140,000

Products: Duro-Tuff® charcoal 50 mil standing rib membrane, 1/2” Duro-Guard® DEXcell® cover board, Duro-Guard® EPS Flute Fill, Duro-Last Solvent-Grip® Adhesive, 1 1/2" Duro-Guard Poly ISO, Duro-Grip® CR-20 (HFO) polyurethane foam adhesive, EXCEPTIONAL® Metals’ Vinyl-Coated Drip Edge, DX-style gutters, downspouts


It’s hard for students to learn in a classroom with buckets catching water dripping from a leaking roof. Yet, classes continued in a computer lab at Riverton Intermediate School, home to approximately 800 fourth, fifth and sixth-grade students. There were leaks throughout the building, and an Old South Construction Company inspection showed why: The 20-year-old standing seam metal roof and gutters were rusted.

As a general contractor for the State of Alabama, Old South has created its niche over the past eight years completing more than 175 projects on school and community buildings. Many school projects are done during summer break to avoid additional congestion at drop-off and pick-up points with the added ease of working on an empty building. Riverton has an active summer program so there is no time when the building is not occupied. Old South collaborated with Joe Cuzzort, Madison County School System director of operations, to obtain the proper security identification and safety protocols to work among students and staff.

“It was vital to get those leaks stopped as quickly as possible,” said Richard Peake, senior project manager at Old South Construction.

The building’s distinct rooflines were enhanced with the old standing seam metal roof, a look Riverton wanted to keep as they considered options for the new roof. Old South proposed two options. The first, which was what the district initially wanted, was to replace the standing seam metal. The second, a more budget-friendly choice, was to convert the standing seam to a flute fill retrofit. After some negotiation, Old South proposed the retrofit vinyl rib system with the appearance of standing seam panels and was awarded the project.

The 140,000-square-foot building required 1 ½” Duro-Guard EPS Flute Fill insulation mechanically installed directly over the existing standing seam metal roof. It was covered with ½” Duro-Guard DEXcell cover board adhered with Duro-Grip CR-20 (HFO) adhesive and then 50 mil charcoal Duro-Tuff adhered with Duro-Last Solvent-Grip Adhesive. The vinyl ribs were heat welded to the membrane giving the appearance of a standing seam roof system.

“We ended up installing over 77,800 linear feet of vinyl rib, along with several custom-fabricated HVAC curbs,” Peake said. “We used EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ eave trims, gutters, downspouts, fascias and soffits. So, it is a complete system from Duro-Last, literally Edge-to-Edge, Deck-to-Sky.”

The project required 4,000 linear feet of EXCEPTIONAL Metals’ vinyl-coated drip edge, 2,700 linear feet of DX-style gutters and 1,500 linear feet of 4-by-5 downspouts.

With a 20-Year NDL Warranty from Duro-Last®, Riverton Intermediate School no longer needs to place buckets around classrooms when it rains. The students in the computer classroom are smiling; maybe not only because the leaks have stopped, but because they’re in front of a screen.

“I think the biggest advantage of the Duro-Last Roofing System is that we are a one-stop shop,” said Peake. “From gutters, downspouts, fascia, soffit and membrane to what goes directly on the deck. In addition, we have a single warranty, which is a huge advantage for the building owner. As a contractor, we can choose to do business with anyone. But we choose Duro-Last because Duro-Last supports us like no one else does.”