Duro-Tuff® Roofing System


Duro-Tuff: the world's best PVC roll goods, backed by the best warranties in the industry. An excellent choice for low-sloped projects that require a long-lasting, energy-efficient roofing membrane.

Duro-Tuff has outstanding properties in terms of film over scrim, strength, wind uplift, grab and tear strength, and wide welding temperature window, and provides great weatherproofing performance.

The Duro-Tuff membrane was engineered to be used with the complete line of Duro-Last's proven, precision-fabricated flashings for curbs, stacks, and parapets that ensure a water- tight fit. Prefabricated flashings are manufactured from standard Duro-Last membrane material and feature a weft inserted scrim that provides puncture and tear resistance, and tensile strength at transitions - the most critical areas of any roof installation.

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