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Become a Certified Installer for the

Become a Certified Installer for the "World’s Best Roof®"

Lay down the roof that stands up to everything

Discover the benefits of more than 45 years of proven experience. A trusted industry-leader in quality assurance, Duro-Last® exceeds standards and expectations. Our high-quality, puncture-resistant membranes are made-to-order and made-to-last. When you become a certified installer for Duro-Last, you get the custom-fab advantage. With our custom-fabricated roofing systems, up to 85% of seams can be completed in a factory-controlled setting. Fewer seams = fewer leaks. You get the convenience of a custom-made roof with the durability and longevity Duro-Last guarantees. Adding in our custom fabricated accessories that address critical transition areas of a roof leads to a long-term, low-maintenance complete roof system and helps you spend less time on the roof. In addition to reducing on-site seams and custom-fabricated transitions, you can also reduce your client’s energy costs. Duro-Last white PVC roofing reflects up to 88% of the sun’s energy, greatly increasing energy efficiency.

One-on-one service for a one-of-a-kind roof

You build roofs. We build relationships. Duro-Last proudly works directly with our contractors to get you all the tools you need to succeed. With interactive seminars, sales and marketing training and technical support staff, we’re always there for you. Our industry-leading warranties provide unparalleled protection, so you get confidence installed on every job. What does unparalleled protection mean? Duro-Last was the first manufacturer to offer warranty coverage for consequential damages on commercial buildings. We care about every square foot under a Duro-Last roof. Our warranty groupings offer everything from basic coverage to protection from consequentialdamage, labor and materials, and high wind and/or hail.

When you have questions, we have answers

Dedicated quality assurance, engineering and technical support teams are all available to our certified Duro-Last installers. Questions on warranties? How do you maintain a Duro-Last roof? How to inspect a roof to ensure a long-lasting, watertight roof? Fill out a form, email us or pick up the phone and our support teams are here to assist you. Whatever the question may be from technical to marketing, Duro-Last has teams and resources available to help you be successful. You’ll never be on your own with Duro-Last. Be sure to ask about our Supreme, Ultra, Basic and Residential warranties.

The no-mess, low-stress roofing system

Roofing shouldn’t be a messy business. With Duro-Last, you get to spend more Time off the Roof™ and less time cleaning up your job sites. Our leak-resistant, factory-controlled seams offer a faster installation process with less on-site labor needed. Enjoy quick, easy and quiet installation to keep you and your clients happy.


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