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Duro-Life™ 600

A higher standard in sustainable roofing systems.

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Introducing a revolutionary Duro-Last and DuPont™ collaboration. The Duro-Life 600 Roofing System is designed to deliver 600 consecutive months - that's 50 years - of unparalleled, environmentally friendly roof and insulation performance. You can rest easy for decades to come with high-performing roofing protection from trusted industry leaders.

Reap the benefits of premium energy efficiency and durability from brand leaders you can trust.

Planning a Project?

Duro-Last 60-mil standard membrane or Duro-Last X™ mechanically fastened or Duro-Bond®

(replace at year 25 or after)

Atlas FR-10 (or minimum 7/16" Duro-Last approved cement board or Duro-Guard® cement board)
Duro-Bond Plate (or Duro-Last poly plate option for FR-10)

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DuPont™ Styrofoam™ Brand Deckmate™ Plus Insulation

R-value per spec and/or code

Product may be grey or blue, depending on region.

Duro-Last Vapor Barrier (optional)
Minimum 7/16" Duro-Last approved cement board or Duro-Guard cement board under vapor barrier (required for FM on steel deck)
Steel, concrete or qualifying wood deck
Duro-Last / EXCEPTIONAL® Metals metal edge systems and details

Environmental Solution

An environmentally
conscious solution

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Duro-Last Roof

energy efficiency

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Protect all six sides
of your building

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