Duro-Fleece® Roofing Membrane

The Duro-Fleece system combines Duro-Last's proven thermoplastic membrane - including an 18 x 14 density scrim and a high-quality, 3.8 oz fleece material that's bound to the underside of the membrane during manufacturing.

The Duro-Fleece can be installed using mechanically-attached or adhered methods. The fleece offers enhanced adhesion characteristics between the membrane and the substrate. On adhered projects, the membrane can be installed using the two-part bead-applied Duro-Fleece adhesive. On fully-adhered projects, Duro-Last's WB II or splatter-applied CR-20 adhesive may be used.

For some applications, the Duro-Fleece membrane can act as a separation barrier, which may reduce project material costs and speed up installations that otherwise would require an additional separator sheet.

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