Time off the Roof: Duro-Last's Efficient Roofing Installation

Time Off The Roof

Duro-Last built our reputation in the commercial roofing industry by manufacturing precision-fabricated roofing systems in our controlled factory environment. Prefabrication of roofing components provides a number of benefits:

Recent advances in single-ply installation technology have enabled faster, more secure applications of deck sheets. High-efficiency hot air welders, induction welding systems, and other methods have minimized many of the distinctions between installing prefabricated deck sheets and rolled membrane materials.

Duro-Last has taken our expertise in prefabrication technology and combined it with deck membrane delivered as roll goods. Whether the roof deck of your project is best handled with prefabricated Duro-Last deck sheets, Duro-Last rolls, Duro-Tuff®, or Duro-Fleece® membrane, contractors can optimize installation time by using our precision-fabricated flashings.

Curb, stack, parapet, and other flashings made in a Duro-Last factory not only enable a more secure installation at critical roof transitions, they allow for a highly efficient installation.

For contractors, this means better time management for installation crews, getting them off one roof project and on to the next quickly. For facility owners and managers, this means an efficient roof application that minimizes building disruption.

Whether you choose prefabricated deck sheets or roll goods for your next project, we give roofing contractors, building owners, architects, and specifiers unprecedented flexibility with respect to selecting and installing the right roofing system for virtually any flat or low-sloped facility.