Duro-Last Sister Companies


EXCEPTIONAL® Metals manufactures high-quality metal products designed for use with the Duro-Last roofing system and other single-ply roof membranes. Products include roof accessories, metal edge details, drainage systems, scuppers, collector boxes, pitch pans, custom fabricated products, and vinyl-coated metal products. EXCEPTIONAL Metals also produces standing seam roofing panels for architectural and structural applications.


Oscoda Plastics

Oscoda Plastics manufactures accessories for the Duro-Last single-ply roofing system. In addition, OP makes PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring and PROFLEX Vinyl Expansion Joints. PROTECT-ALL is the leading recycled vinyl flooring product, manufactured from 100% recycled content using a patented manufacturing process that fuses remnant industrial-strength vinyl pieces together into one monolithic piece. Every year, an average of six million pounds of vinyl is recycled to produce PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring.



Plastatech® Engineering manufactures the roofing membrane that is used to produce the Duro-Last single-ply roofing system. In addition, Plastatech produces calendered PVC films, weft-inserted textiles, reinforced and non-reinforced geomembranes, and laminated vinyl fabrics that are used for tension structures, temporary shelters, agricultural storage, pond liners, and other applications.


Creative Impressions

Creative Impressions®' print shop produces simple one and two-color forms and brochures, economical four-color brochures, flyers, booklets, and pamphlets as well as variable imaging printing. Creative Impressions' silkscreen and embroidery department has highly skilled staff that can help customers achieve the look they want on clothing and other promotional items.


Tri-City Vinyl

Since 1976, Tri-City Vinyl, Inc. has been manufacturing pool and pond liners, pool covers (flat sheet and beaded), water tubes, and pillows as well as cistern liners. Over the years, Tri-City Vinyl has earned a reputation of excellence for fast turnaround time, a wide variety of designer patterns, precise craftsmanship, and competitive pricing.


Tip Top Screw

TIP-TOP Screw Manufacturing, Inc.® produces roofing screws, concrete screws, heavy-duty fasteners, construction fasteners, insulation fasteners, and insulation plates for the Duro-Last roofing system and other applications. TIP-TOP also provides E-coating, heat-treating, cold-heading, and custom fabrication services.