Faces of Duro-Last: Curt Jaffe

Curt Jaffe
Curt Jaffe - Regional Sales Manager

Curt Jaffe has been with Duro-Last for nearly three years, and works out of Duro-Last’s Grants Pass, Oregon, office. He has been the regional sales manager for California since June, 2009, and is responsible for territory development, contractor recruitment, and corporate account development. Curt also supports independent sales representatives and authorized Duro-Last roofing contractors in his area. Prior to his current position, Curt was the regional sales manager for the Rocky Mountain region.

Curt has over 20 years of sales and management experience in the electrical and plumbing fields. His background in these construction-related industries has helped him become the successful manager he is today.

In the brief time he’s held his current position, Curt has brought a measure of stability to a challenging marketplace. According to Curt, “Northern and Southern California are two distinct markets when it comes to commercial roofing contractors. However, because Duro-Last pursues direct long-term relationships with independent contractors, we have a compelling story to tell regardless of where the roofer’s business is located.” In fact, Curt has been very successful in his short California tenure, bringing several top-tier SoCal roofing contractors on board during the past few months.

In addition, Curt has worked diligently both with Duro-Last staff and local contractors to establish a stronger presence with the California architectural community.

The variety of daily activities brought about by the diversity of the California market keeps him on his toes and ensures that there’s never a dull moment. But what really drives Curt are the relationships he has built with contractors, independent sales reps, industry contacts and Duro-Last corporate staff. As he says, “what I’ve truly enjoyed during my time here is that Duro-Last has always conveyed the feeling that you are one of the family. And it’s a big family – one that includes employees, contractors and independent reps. The level of support and the sense of camaraderie is like no other place in the industry.”

Faces of Duro-Last: Anna Hernandez

Anna Hernandez - Corporate Accounts Coordinator
Anna Hernandez - Corporate Accounts Coordinator

Anna Hernandez joined Duro-Last® in 2004 as Marketing Account Coordinator and recently moved into the position of Corporate Accounts Coordinator, working out of the Duro-Last’s Headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan. She is responsible for identifying new corporate account opportunities, and primarily focuses on companies that implement sustainable roofing in their portfolios. Once a potential account has been identified, Anna works to coordinate the bid process on those opportunities. Ann also works with Duro-Last’s Regional Sales Managers to develop specific corporate account sales strategies for their territories.

Working with lots of different people in the roofing and facilities industries from all across the country, Anna is constantly learning new things. She enjoys being a reliable, “go-to” person that helps get things done by networking and connecting the Duro-Last sales team with facility managers, portfolio managers, and decision-makers that can benefit from our Corporate Account Services.

“Over the past four years I have worked with great people and gained great insight into the construction and manufacturing industries,” said Anna. “Because Duro-Last is a growing mid-sized company, I have been able to utilized my experience and skills to the fullest without being restricted to just one specific function.”

Faces of Duro-Last: Darrell Morris

Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Coordinator
Darrell Morris - Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Coordinator

Darrell Morris has been with Duro-Last® for nearly15 years with the last five as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Coordinator. Darrell works out of the corporate headquarters in Saginaw, MI. He is responsible for supporting the sales representatives and roofing contractors in his area, which includes Virginia, West Virginia, as well as portions of Pennsylvania, and New York.

Prior to his current position, Darrell started at Duro-Last in production as a shipping clerk. Darrell then worked as a cost accountant/inventory control clerk before becoming a customer sales representative where he assisted customers with their orders and general roofing questions.

Darrell credits his success at Duro-Last to his training in the military. Darrell was active in the Army, Army Reserves, and the National Guard for almost 20 years before he was given a medical honorable discharge. During this time, Darrell served in Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Storm as well as provided security at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Darrell enjoys the relationships he has built over the years with his sales reps and roofing contractors. “I enjoy traveling to the Mid-Atlantic area and spending time with the different people in my territory,” said Darrell.

One common theme that all employees mention is the family atmosphere. Duro-Last has and always will portray the feeling that you are one of the family.

Faces of Duro-Last: Scott Shockey

Quality Assurance Training Coordinator
Scott Shockey - Quality Assurance Training Coordinator

Scott Shockey is a Quality Assurance Training Coordinator at the Duro-Last corporate headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan. He has held this position for over a year-and-a-half. Prior to this position, Scott worked as an Engineering Technician in the Engineering Services Department for over two years.

As a QA Training Coordinator, Scott has the unique opportunity to help train new contractors on how to properly and efficiently install the Duro-Last roofing systems.

“I enjoy working with the new contractors and walking them through the process of our on-the-job trainings,” said Scott. “Many of these contractors are unsure of the free services we offer to them, so it’s nice to point them in the right direction…and they really appreciate that.”

Scott’s experience in the Engineering Services Department also gives him the edge on answering the technical questions that come up in the training class.

“As an Engineering Tech, I fielded technical questions, assisted with UL and FM listings, estimated quotes, and created layout drawings; all of which have given me a diverse background in our roofing systems,” noted Scott. “That definitely helps when you have new contractors that want to know every detail about our systems.”

Scott not only enjoys meeting new contractors, but introducing them to the friendly staff at Duro-Last that is ready to accommodate their roofing needs.

“Everyone at Duro-Last is so friendly and helpful,” he said. “It is common to pass by several coworkers in the hallway and they’ll stop to ask how things are going. That attitude is also reflected to these contractors, which makes them feel comfortable in working with Duro-Last.”

Scott also appreciates the fact that Duro-Last is family-owned and operated.

“It’s great to work for a company that is family-owned, because they really take care of their employees,” he said.

When Scott isn’t working, he’s spending time with his wife, Susan. The newlyweds like to go biking and camping, watch movies, as well as hang out with family and friends.

Faces of Duro-Last: Peter Ouderkirk

Peter Ouderkirk
Peter Ouderkirk - Customer Service Representative

Peter Ouderkirk joined the Duro-Last® Sales Department over nine years ago as a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Peter is responsible for providing customer service to over 2,700 authorized contractors through order entry, ordering assistance, quoting, and helping contractors determine materials needed for their roofing projects. Peter also trains new contractors in how to sell the Duro-Last roofing system through sales programs, ordering, and layout.

Prior to his position in the Sales Department, Peter worked at Plastatech® Engineering, Ltd., as the Lead Operator on the laminator for two years before being promoted to a CSR in 2000.

Peter is committed to helping customers solve their roofing challenges and helping them meet their long-term goals as a company. Because of this strong commitment, he was chosen as Employee of the Month in March 2001.

“I have gained several long-term relationships while in this position, both in the office and the field, that have helped me grow as an individual as well as an employee,” said Peter.

According to Peter, Duro-Last has a strong sense of family and exudes it by believing in its employees and making them their priority to succeed. This is one of the many reasons Peter enjoys working for Duro-Last.

“It has been a privilege to grow with this company, and I look forward to our future together,” concluded Peter. “I am grateful to the Burt family for supporting me through the challenges I have faced over the last 11 years; I am a better person because of it.”

Faces of Duro-Last: Mark VanDorn

Mark VanDorn - Regional Sales Manager
Mark VanDorn - Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Mark VanDorn joined Duro-Last® in 2006 as the Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Mark works out of the Corporate Headquarters in Saginaw, MI. He is responsible for the sales development and growth in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri as well as Ontario Canada. Mark is also responsible for development of Corporate Accounts, assisting sales reps and managing sales coordinators in his assigned territory.

Formerly employed by Wolohan Lumber for over 21 years, Mark was a General Manager for 12 years, overseeing locations in Defiance and Lima, Ohio as well as Flint, Burton, and Houghton Lake Michigan. The last 8 years Mark worked Contractor Sales for Wolohan Lumber based out of Burton Michigan.

“I love working with the people at Duro-Last, we are one big extended family,” said Mark. “There is a broad range of personalities that we work with on a daily basis between office staff, sales reps, and contractors that make it enjoyable to come into work each day.”

Mark is an upbeat person who enjoys dealing with the many different challenges that present themselves during the course of the day and always with a smile.

“It is a true pleasure being part of a fast growing, family-owned business with owners that are involved and truly care about the people who are keeping Duro-Last the ‘World’s Best Roof®'”, he concluded.

Mark enjoys boating, hunting, and snowmobiling and is looking forward to a prosperous new year with his team.

2008 Employees Of The Year

Warren Catoire - Technical Sales Coordinator
Warren Catoire - Technical Sales Coordinator
Ike Tatum - Warranty Services Crew Leader
Ike Tatum - Warranty Services Crew Leader

Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. recently announced Warren E. Catiore and Isaiah Tatum as the 2008 Employees of the Year.

Warren Catiore is the Technical Sales Coordinator based out of the Grants Pass, Oregon facility. Catiore was chosen as the September Employee of the Month, which made him eligible for Employee of the Year. Warren has been with Duro-Last for over 12 years and in his current position for the last 10, where he is responsible for in-house contractor training.

Tim Hart, Duro-Last Vice President of West Coast Operations, said, “Warren’s outstanding work ethic and commitment to excellence has been acknowledged by our customers, sales representatives, and his co workers. His excellent people skills have increased sales and helped to develop long-term relationships. This is one way of showing Warren our appreciation for his hard work and loyalty to Duro-Last.”

Isaiah Tatum is the Warranty Services Crew Leader based out of the Jackson, Mississippi facility. Chosen as the Employee of the Month for March, Isaiah is responsible for maintaining the safety of the crew while making warranty-related repairs to the Duro-Last roofing system.

“Isaiah has been on the warranty crew for over seven years and brings a great deal of experience with him”, said Charles Smith, Duro-Last Quality Assurance Regional Manager. “He displays teamwork that we value in all of our employees, and has shown his talents as a leader. We are honored to have him work with us.”

Employees of the Year are chosen from all of the Employees of the Month for every Duro-Last facility for that year. Two employees are then selected and are able to attend Duro-Last’s National Sales Seminar held in late January of each year. This year’s National Sales Seminar is being held in Dayton Beach, Florida, January 25 – 27, 2009.

Faces of Duro-Last: Scott D. Franklin

Scott D. Franklin - National Architectural Services
Scott D. Franklin - National Architectural Services

Scott D. Franklin joined the Duro-Last sales team in June of 2008, focusing on National Architectural Services. He is responsible for developing opportunities with architectural firms for Duro-Last contractors and sales representatives, and assisting architects in creating CAD drawings and specifications in order to specify the Duro-Last roofing system for their projects. He works closely with both the TXMAS (Texas) and CMAS (California) state purchasing programs, which qualify manufacturers such as Duro-Last to be specified for school and municipality roofing projects.

“Through former positions, I have a lot of contacts in the TXMAS and CMAS programs, which will hopefully open some doors for Duro-Last,” said Scott.

As a matter of fact, Scott is in the process of earning a contracting license in California in order to help Duro-Last get specified on more educational and governmental roofing projects. He is also partnering with Duro-Last Vice President of Western Operations, Tim Hart, to develop more roofing opportunities in the Los Angeles area.

“I really enjoy doing what I do best – working with people to find solutions to their problems,” he noted.

Scott and Tim are also trying to organize a formal catastrophe-response program that would help businesses that have Duro-Last roofs receive immediate assistance following any major disaster that affects their roof. He has worked extensively with the U.S. Navy and Wal-Mart Corporation on their respective programs.

Scott was formerly self-employed as a Roof Consultant in Celina, Texas. He also worked as a consultant/expert witness at Four T Partnership/Forensic Investigation & Consulting in Dallas as well as in sales at Owens Corning in Los Angeles.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Harding University.

Scott resides in Celina with his wife, Holly, and their two sons, Tanner, a sophomore in high school, and Trevor, a sixth grader. His two older sons, Tyler, 20, and Troy, 18, attend the University of North Texas in Denton.

So what does Scott enjoy about working at Duro-Last?

“The great thing about Duro-Last is, we have already done the hard part and developed long-lasting relationships with our contractors,” he said. “Plus, Duro-Last has been in the roofing business for a long time and figured out what’s important – consistency and credibility.”

“There are huge opportunities for Duro-Last with architects, specifiers, and roofing consultants, and I am looking forward to helping our sales team build those relationships,” he concluded.


Faces of Duro-Last: Becky Gloss

Midwest Regional Sales Coodinator
Becky Gloss - Midwest Regional Sales Coodinator

Becky Gloss joined JRB Personnel, LLC in 2000 working for Plastatech Engineering,LTD. as a Calendar Line Operator. In 2003 she was promoted to Switchboard operator at the Duro-Last corporate headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan. It didn’t take Becky long to continue her move up the ladder of success and become a Customer Serivce Representative in 2004. Through her dedication and hard work, she was then promoted to Southeast Regional Sales Coordinator before taking her current position as Midwest Regional Sales Coordinator.

Becky’s experience in the Duro-Last Sales Department has helped her provide contractors with the roofing knowledge they expect from our company. She is very detail-oriented and takes pride in helping others, whether contractors, sales reps or coworkers.

Becky really enjoys going on the road and building working relationships with the contractors and sales reps in her territory.

“There’s nothing better than walking into a contractors office and feel like you are visiting an old friend”, noted Becky.

So what does Becky like the most about Duro-Last?

“I like working for a company that sets high standards, manufactures exceptional products, and provides superior customer service that are second to none,” she said. “Duro-Last also believes in keeping its staff trained and up-to-date on new products, services, and industry news, which enables them to help contractors and sales reps.”