Protect Your Roof Like An Investment

Rain. Snow. Wind. Sun. Salt. It’s a wonder that some things last as long as they do with all the weather variances we face. The roof is the important building component when it comes to weather protection and is the one thing that significantly protects the investment of the owner, by protecting the structure. Maintenance-free roofing systems do not exist, because all types of roofs require a certain amount of attention.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to start an annual maintenance program. The importance is obvious – to extend the service life of the existing roof system. You want to catch problems early or even before they occur. Comprehensive repairs not only make the roof last longer, but also provide cost savings to the facility’s owner.


Walk the perimeter of the building to ensure that any unsecured objects, such as trash cans, signs, tree limbs, and loose building materials cannot become airborne projectiles during high winds. Trees should have all dead or broken branches removed and should be trimmed away from the building to prevent possible fires or damage to the roof.


Roof edge details should be checked to ensure that they are tight fitting and properly sealed. Corners of the building are the most susceptible to wind and rain damage. Immediately fix anything that lacks integrity.


All debris and loose materials should be removed from the roof. Leaf grates, if part of the roofing system, should be cleaned and secured in a manner that keeps them in place. Make sure there is no blockage of any kind in drainage areas. Look for cracks or leaking on all areas of the roof and repair as needed.


Check all sealants on penetrations and terminations. All roof mounted equipment (HVAC units, satellite dishes, antennas, duct work, etc.) should be secured in a manner which will not allow movement. If it can be moved by hand it will become displaced in a storm or with wind. All service panel doors should be inspected to ensure that they are properly fastened. Any missing fasteners should be replaced.

A thorough maintenance program will address problems at their initial stage, minimizing or eliminating damage to interior furnishings, equipment, building materials and finishes. In this way, building owners avoid expenditures and preserve their investment, from top to bottom.

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12 thoughts on “Protect Your Roof Like An Investment”

  1. Great Post. Businesses and home owners alike do not realize the life of their roof could be extended with proper maintenance. Decaying could be prevented by yearly roofing services that ensure the structural integrity of the roof is intact and that no weak spots are showing up. Maintenance of your roof is kind of like going to the dentist. You can let you roof (or teeth) fall out all around you and choose not to do anything about it. Bad Idea.

    As we move into the hot summer months, it is a good time to check whether your roof can stand up to the harsh Australian conditions and weather-proof your home. Here are seven good reasons why you should restore your roof.

    To increase the value of your home

    Roof restoration increases the value of your home and adds to the resale value. Roofing and guttering are an important checkpoint of a pre-house inspection so it is important to for a roof restorer to give your roof the once over and restore your roof if needed before planning to sell your home.

    To ensure your home is safely protected from the harsh weather and climate

    Summer brings hot weather but it also brings thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail and high winds which could dislodge tiles, fill gutters with debris or loosen roof sheeting. Guttering which is full of dried leaves and sticks also needs to be cleaned as fire prevention is also a major concern in Australia. As the roof serves to protect the family from the natural elements, it must be properly maintained to protect the house and its inhabitants.

    To ensure your home complies with insurance company policies

    It is important to remember that insurance companies are now less likely to accept claims for storm damage where roofs have not been regularly maintained. The insurance policy may exclude wear and tear and damage caused by the failure to maintain the home if your house is over a certain age. Check with your insurance company in regards to your individual policy.

    To improve the overall presentation of your home

    One third of your house is your roof area and a professional roof restoration will greatly enhance the overall appearance of the home and its value. Roof restoration is an easy and cost effective way to give the outside of your home an instant make-over and update the overall look of your house.

    To extend the life of your existing roof

    Roof restoration can extend the life of your existing roof before your roof deteriorates through general ˜wear and tear or basic neglect. Restoration is largely appropriate for tiled roofs. Tiled roof restoration is commonly performed on tiled roofs that require re-bedding and re-pointing, have broken and chipped tiles or have discoloured or faded tiles.

    Roof restorations can be more cost effective then replacing your entire roof

    Roof restoration can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire roof, increases the resale value of your home and the equity in your home. Many homeowners ignore basic roof maintenance issues which can develop into costly problems and you are putting also yourself at risk of not having an insurance claim honoured.

    Roof restorations are better for the environment

    Roof restorations provide minimal disturbance to the environment in comparison to replacing the entire roof. Make sure you choose an environmentally friendly roof restorer who will make sure that roof restoration wastes are taken to a licensed disposal, treatment or storage facility.

    Your home is one of your biggest investments and while roof repair and restoration may not be one of the first things you think of when it comes to home renovations, it is always good to start at the top. So dont wait for a rainy day or leaking roof, restore your roof now and make sure your covered.

  3. Roof edge details should be checked to ensure that they are tight fitting and properly sealed. A thorough protection program will address
    problems at their initial stage, minimizing or eliminating damage to interior furnishings, equipment, building materials and finishes. In this way, building owners avoid expenditures and protect their investment, from top to

  4. Great post!!!!
    You are right. Many people in their fast and growing lifestyle forget to take a look on their roof.
    Life span of roof can be increased by regular maintainence. Today we are having a lot of commercial roofing companies which are helping many to maintaine their roofs and increasing it’s life. We can contact them through commercials or Internet and allow them to have the pleasure to help us.

  5. WOW! The picture of the tree shows a clear lack of regular maintenance! It will be a disaster to the edging if not dealt with. The person with the tree growing out of the side of their roof really needs to read this post about protecting their investment!

  6. When someone writes an paragraph he/she keeps the plan of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it. Therefore that’s why this article is outstdanding. Thanks!|

  7. “Protect Your Roof Like An Investment” is right. It keeps you and your family warm and adds to the appeal of your home. These are all great ways to protect any roof.

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